Get Crafty: 8 Ways To Do More With Coloring Pages


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Coloring pages are so fun to color, but have you ever wondered what else can you do with them? We have some ideas for repurposing simple coloring pages for other projects and crafts!


1. Wall Mural

Would you like to decorate your Sunday School room or kids’ room with a Buck Denver or Bible mural? Choose an empty wall for your mural, then copy your chosen coloring page onto overhead transparency paper* or trace the design onto a piece of clear paper. Use an overhead projector or a homemade projector (here’s a quick video showing how to make your own projector out of a cardboard box and a lamp) to project the image onto your wall. Trace the projected image on your wall with a pencil or chalk then paint your design!

*Office supply stores may be able to help you copy to transparent paper.

2. Embroidery Projects

Use carbon or wax transfer paper to trace coloring page scenes onto fabric in order to embroider your favorite Bible story or character. Make embroidered t-shirts or banners for your Sunday School classrooms.

3. Diorama

Color your favorite Bible scenes then cut out the various elements of the coloring page. Create a diorama of the scene using a shoebox. Click here for tips on creating dioramas.

4. Flannelgraph

Coloring pages make wonderful flannelgraph elements. Simply color the pages and cut out the characters. Glue a piece of flannel to the back to use on a flannel board to depict favorite Bible stories. –Heidi from Our Out Of Sync Life

5. Popsicle Stick Puppets

Similar to creating a flannelgraph, color and cut the scenes and glue the various elements to large popsicle sticks to create a wonderful puppet show as you retell the Bible story. –Heidi from Our Out Of Sync Life

6. Mixed Media Coloring Pages

When you need a change from everyday coloring, you can use glue and glitter, cut old magazines to fit specific parts, yarn, and noodles to create textures. It is fun for the kids! –Tamika of No Time For Tea Parties

7. Repurpose for gifts

Send coloring pages to long-distance family, use them as Birthday cards for friends, or wrap small presents. –Whitney of Beauty in the Mess

8. Go digital

You can scan coloring pages into the computer and then use the graphic to make birthday invitations. –Angi of Schneider Peeps

Matt Clark

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