Wow and Wonder Summer Scrapbook

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As seen on Minno Life! Grab your Summer Scrapbook here then head back over to the blog for ideas on how to have a wonder-filled summer!

The Minno Bible kids want to help you have a summer filled with WOW & WONDER!

Add this free Wow & Wonder Summer Scrapbook to your cart to download a summer Bible reading plan and help your kids record their favorite summer adventures!

Because we want to help you experience God in everything you do, we've suggested a Bible story from the Minno Laugh and Grow Bible for Kids to read together before, during, or after each activity. Follow along with other Minno families and share your activities using the hashtag #MinnoWonderSummer!

  • Consider God's amazing Creation as you take a nature walk in the park.
  • Learn about Jonah and the Whale as you dive into fun-filled water play!
  • Think about the Fruit of the Spirit while shopping at your local farmer's market.
  • Discover God's faithfulness to Daniel in the Lion's Den while you embark on your own amazing animal adventure.
  • Remember the courage of David as he met Goliath while camping out in your backyard.
  • Learn about the Tower of Babel as you make your own build of epic proportions!
  • Search the Book of Wisdom while souring your own neighborhood on a scavenger hunt.
  • Learn Jesus' teaching on love as you do a summer service project together as a family.
  • Follow Paul's travels as you head out on your own surprise day out drive!