Laugh and Grow Bible for Kids

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Age Range: 4-8+ years
Hardcover: 336 pages

Written by VeggieTales® creator Phil Vischer, this family Bible is more than a children's Bible storybook . . . it's a deep, engaging, laugh-out-loud gospel experience.

The Minno Laugh and Grow Bible for Kids will guide readers from Genesis to Revelation, retelling beloved Bible stories AND tackling tricky questions like "What is sin?" and "What is the Trinity?"

Each story is vividly illustrated, takes just five minutes to read, and includes a family connection to encourage family Bible study and help readers learn, talk, and pray together! PLUS, bonus content connects the dots of each Bible story, making the Minno Laugh and Grow Bible for Kids a family devotional Bible that provides a big picture, applicational view of the Biblical narrative.

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*Previously published as the Laugh and Learn Bible for Kids.

Fifty-Two Stories

The Minno Laugh and Grow Bible was intentionally designed to help families journey through the Bible in one year.

Context Clues

Each section of the Bible includes an introduction to help readers understand its place in God’s BIG story.

Bonus Content

Includes colorful maps and charts that make God’s story come alive for kids.

The Gospel

The Minno Laugh and Grow Bible clearly teaches kids about God’s love and rescue plan.

Family Connection

Each Bible story ends with a Family Connection to help you explore, talk, and pray together.





Adam and Eve

What Is Sin?

Noah and the Flood 

The Tower of Babel 

God Calls Abram

Abraham’s Family


Moses Is Born 

The Burning Bush

Let My People Go! 

The Ten Commandments 

Laws, Laws, Laws 


Bonus: From Egypt to the Promised Land


Joshua and Jericho 



Ruth’s Redeemer

King Saul 

David and Goliath 

Israel’s New King 

God’s Promise to David 

Solomon’s Wisdom 

Bad Kings 

The Fall of Israel and Judah 

God Gets It Done

Brave Queen Esther

Bonus: Women of the Bible 


He Gives and Takes Away

The Book of Songs 

The Book of Wisdom

The Messenger

The Fiery Furnace 

Daniel and the Lions 

Jonah and the Whale 

Bonus: From the Old to the New Testament 




Bonus: The Family of Jesus

Born in a Barn

John Baptizes Jesus

The Desert Temptation

The Phony Pharisees

Jesus’ Disciples

The Sermon on the Mount

It’s a Miracle!

The Last Supper

Jesus’ Death

He Is Alive!


God’s Super Helper

Big Changes for Saul

A Vision for Everyone

Paul’s Travels

Bonus: Paul’s Missionary Journeys

Paul’s Letters

From Wrong to Right

The Fruit of the Spirit

How Does It End?

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