Young David: King Chapter Book

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Adapted from the all-new YOUNG DAVID animated series and inspired by the upcoming feature-length, animated DAVID film, Poet is the third book in a highly-illustrated, early-reader, chapter book series that imagines the life of a young boy, highlighting the courage and faithfulness that would one day make him God’s chosen king of Israel.

Pages: 96

Word Count: 5000

Reading Level: Grade 3

You don’t have to hurt her!

The fire blazes through David’s words before he realizes who he is talking to. How can this shepherd be so mean? When David stumbles upon a scared sheep stuck in a thorny tree, he’s determined to help. Will he be able to free the sheep or will she be stuck forever with a shepherd who rules with fear instead of kindness?

King David was one of the greatest leaders in history. His legacy has endured for thousands of years  . . . but how did it all begin? Imagine what might have happened before the powerful Bible story of David in the Old Testament. Through this series, kids will learn the values and virtues that made David a man after God’s own heart.

  • Tied to the new, animated Young David series (available to stream on Minno) and the upcoming David feature film (coming Summer 2025).
  • Beautiful illustrations on every page to engage and excite young readers.
  • Part of a 5 book series that gives kids a new perspective on an age-old Bible story.
  • Stories that emphasize character development wrapped in fun and adventure.

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