Minno Life Guide: Technology

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Technology: Raising Digital Natives 

Technology is hard to navigate, but it’s not all bad. There is a lot of good that can come from media and devices if we use these tools with care. The reality is: technology isn’t going away. It is important to guide your kids as they navigate life with technology but it can often feel like a full-time job!

Our latest Minno Life Guide, Technology: Raising Digital Natives, brings together the expertise and insight of seasoned child and family counselor, Sissy Goff. A thoughtfully curated overview of the impact of technology on today's kids and families and the constant decisions parents are facing around devices and media, this mini ebook guides grownups on how to lead their kids in developing a healthy relationship with technology.

  • Learn 10 guiding principles for raising digital natives.

  • Discover strategies for introducing technology at the right time and with the right guardrails.

  • Understand the challenges to finding balance and how to overcome them.

  • Find ways to use technology for good.

  • Use the included Family Technology Commitment to establish your own family plan.

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