God's Promised Son

You’ve probably heard about Jesus (especially since we just celebrated his birthday at Christmas), but did you know that he is the answer to a promise God made a long time ago? When God created everything, all that he made was good. He made a special garden called Eden and asked Adam and Eve to take care of it, and to let their family grow until it filled the whole earth. But instead of listening to God, they listened to Satan (who spoke to them through a serpent) and chose to disobey God. Their disobedience changed everything. When they disobeyed, they let pain and suffering and sin and sadness into the world. God wanted the earth to be perfect, a place where people could live forever, but God loved Adam and Eve too much to let them—or anyone—live forever in a sad and broken world. He could have given up, started all over—but he didn’t. God loved his creation so much that he promised that someday a woman would have a child who would defeat the serpent and fix everything that was broken. Adam and Eve didn’t know it at the time, but the child God promised would be named “Jesus” (which means “savior”) and he would save his people from the biggest enemy they faced—the enemy of sin that separates them from God—and that someday he would even defeat the enemy of death. DOWNLOAD THE FULL DEVOTIONAL
Matt Clark

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