Minno Easter Family Guide

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Download our FREE Family Easter Guide with daily activities to guide you through this sacred season and help you have conversations that matter!
  • Journey toward the cross with daily activities that will connect you to God and each other
  • Follow the Easter story as you watch the Minno Hopeful Easter Specials, Minno Church at Homeand more!
  • Memorize 1 Peter 1:3 as a family
  • Create a Family Tree to see God's promised to Abraham fulfilled through Jesus
  • Host a family Passover meal
  • Create a Good News newspaper to spread the word about Jesus' big love!
  • Share the Easter Egg Gospel to understand God's great rescue plan
We pray the activities in this guide help your family connect with God's love this Easter season and share experiences that illuminate the new life and hope He desires for you to carry forward this year.